Understanding Backsliding and why it happens.

Understanding Backsliding and why it happens.

Backsliding happens when people feel God has not done his part. Also, it is pulling from the lust and unbelief in their hearts. It is turning from God, and backsliding is a heart sin against God. Backsliding begins with neglecting your prayer life, and from there it’s a roller coaster. Do you know that you have backslidden? Do you know the danger of falling away into apostasy? Are you aware of the symptoms or signs to look out for?

Below, I will give you God’s seven reasons for backsliding, and twenty signs that you have backslidden.

The seven reasons are from God, himself.


Isaiah 57:17 says, “for the iniquity of his covetousness I was angry and struck him; I hid and was angry, and he went on Backsliding in the way of his heart

Covetousness (to wish, long, or crave for something, esp the property of another person) is “wrongly desirous of wealth or possessions; greedy.” It is an iniquity that is very displeasing to God of heaven. It is a heart sin, but he sees it, hates it, and looks upon it with jealousy because it sets up a rival with him in the soul.


 Jeremiah 2:19 Your own wickedness will correct you, And your backslidings will rebuke you. Know therefore and see that it is an evil and bitter thing that you have forsaken the LORD your God, And the fear of me is not in you,” Says the Lord GOD of hosts. 

The cause of sin; is because His (God’s) fear is not in us. It is for wanting good standards in us, primarily for wanting the fear of God; this is at the bottom of our departure “of one’s religious faith, party, a cause” from him; men forsake their duty to God because they stand in no fear of him nor have any terror of his displeasure. The malice of sin; is an evil thing and bitter. An evil that is the root and cause of all other evil; it is wrong indeed, for it is not only the most significant contradiction to the divine nature but the tremendous corruption of human nature. It is bitter; a state of sin is the gall of bitterness. In the latter end, every sinful way will be heartbreaking; its wages are death, and death is the fatal consequence of sin. 

Adultery or Fornication

 Jeremiah 3:8 Then I saw that for all the causes for which backsliding Israel had committed adultery, I had put her away and given her a certificate of divorce; yet her treacherous sister Judah did not fear, but went and played the harlot also.   

Jeremiah 3:8 is a description of spiritual adultery – fornication. Here is a short account of Israel, the ten tribes. They were highly addicted to idolatry. They had played the harlot upon every high mountain and under every green tree (Jer. 3:6), that is, they had worshipped other gods in their high places and groves; and no marvel, when from the first they had worshipped God by the images of the golden calves at Dan and Bethel.     

People now commit “Spiritual” adultery and have always done so by having, believing, and practicing witchcraft; the practice of the egg cleanse – el huevo de gallina is Voodoo, horoscope, and worship of angels, New Wave Religion of Negative and positive energy; Space cleaning (holistic practices), Crystals, candles, etc…Faith is placed on other things or techniques instead of God and not giving God the glory. It is putting oneself first before God in time out, family, and work. Anything placed in front of God is Idolatry.


Jeremiah 8:5 Why has this people slidden back, Jerusalem, in continuing Backsliding? They hold fast to deceit; they refuse to return.

Deceiving, concealing, or distorting the truth for misleading for any reason; duplicity; fraud; or cheating. People begin to convince themselves that they are correct and do not listen to Godly counsel.

Self Trust

Jeremiah 49:4 Why do you boast in the valleys, Your flowing valley, O backsliding daughter? Who trusted in her treasures, saying, ‘Who will come against me?’

People begin to think and say they have all their blessings because they worked for them. God did not bless them; they worked for it, so why attend church?

Do not exalt God 

Hosea 11:7 My people are bent on backsliding from Me. Though they call to the Most High, None at all exalt Him.

People are failing to pray and dedicate their time to the Father and also in worship… no relationship with God, the Father.

Hosea 14:4 “I will heal their Backsliding, I will love them freely, For My anger has turned away from him. God is merciful; he forgives.

Can a faithful Christian backslide?

Yes, Christians can backslide; by this, it means they can regress into a period of spiritual dullness or disobedience.

Backsliding does not have to be a permanent state of willful rebellion or ungodly difference.  All believers go through times when they do not grow or are set back in their growth by sin.

Backsliding can be caused by many things, as mentioned in the seven reasons noted above. Sin leads us away from God; it must be dealt with honestly and brought before Him in repentance. God loves us and wants us to be close to Him. Even when we sin against Him, He promises to forgive. “I will heal their waywardness and love them freely, for my anger has turned away from them” (Hosea 14:4).

Backsliding can be caused by many things as noted above, and below are 20 signs that can give you heads-up about your current spiritual state.

1. prayer ceases in our lives

2. When biblical truth ceases, we are content with the knowledge of eternal things.

3. When biblical knowledge is not applied inwardly.

4. When earnest thoughts about eternal things cease to be regular and firm.

5. When the service of the church loses its pleasure.

6. When spiritual discussions are an embarrassment.

7. When sports, recreation, and entertainment are a large and necessary part of your lifestyle, more than being in God’s presence.

8. When Christlike holiness ceases to dominate your life and thinking.

9.  When acquiring money and goods becomes a dominant part of your thinking.

10. When you can speak religious songs and words without a heart.

11. When you can hear the Lord’s name taken in vain, spiritual concerns when mocked and not be moved to indignation and action.

12. When you can watch degrading movies, television, and literature.

13.  When a breach of peace in the brotherhood is of no concern to you.

14. When the slightest excuse seems sufficient to keep you from spiritual duty and opportunity.

15. When you become content with your lack of spiritual power and no longer seek power from on high.

16.  When you pardon your own sin and lack of enthusiasm by saying the Lord understands

17. When there is no music in your soul and no song in your heart.

18. When you adjust happily to the world’s lifestyle.

19. When the spiritual condition of the world declines around you, and you cannot see it anymore. It becomes normal.

20.  When tears are dried up, and the cold spiritual facts of your existence cannot unleash them. See this as an awful testimony of both hardness of your heart and the extent of your backsliding.

We must always fight against backsliding, but we know that when we renounce our sins and return to God, there is forgiveness and reconciliation. The Bible says, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9).

However, whatever sin might lead us away from God, it must be dealt with honestly and brought before Him in repentance. God loves us and wants us to be close to Him. Even when we sin against Him, He promises to forgive.

Hosea 14:4 “I will heal their Backsliding; I will love them freely, For My anger has turned away from him.

Now, God is merciful; he forgives, this is true love from God, that if we cry out to Him and seek Him, He will give us mercy and will forgive our transgressions against Him.

I pray this blog article has enlightened your understanding.  If you feel this applies to you, please repent, and Father will forgive you. He loves you and wants the best for you.  I leave you with this … to get back to where you once stood with God, repent, ask God for forgiveness, and seek His face in prayer. Set a prayer schedule, and go into your own private place free from interference. Play anointed worship music to set the mood of prayer. I pray you will follow the inclination of the Holy Spirit … come back to God and your soul (Spirit) can have eternal life. He is waiting for you now. He is ready to re-establish your relationship, He is ready to show you, your future plans to prosper with the hope of walking in it.

Jeremiah 29:11  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Pastor Gracie Renteria

Contact me: Kingdomfaithchurch@hotmail.com  & for YouTube videos; find me under @renteria78541                             



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