Your unfailing love …

Your unfailing love ...

Now and then, we all love to see a good romance movie or read a romance novel. It kinda gives us a feeling of ‘awe” since love is a gushy loveable warm feeling. We are reminded that LOVE still is present in our lives. We want unfailing love and to be pursued and romantically desired.

However, sometimes it leaves us hanging, and we become disappointed. Our expectations drop to the floor, which causes us to feel unfulfilled. There is this desire always to feel wanted and loved. Suppose we genuinely understand that humanity will, by default, totally fail us. We must be satisfied with our love expectations because everything else comes and goes.

Tell me you love me …

I can tell you of a pure and satisfying love that will pursue you for eternity…a passionate sacrificial love. Never again will you feel the longing desire to be wanted. God’s love will always be there for us. It is satisfying to the core. King David acknowledges God’s, steadfast love. He said of God, “Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life,” and I will live in the house of the Lord forever (Psalm 23:6). Wow, David spoke tremendous words; and if anyone knew about God’s unfailing love, it sure was him. Can you imagine yourself in an excellent and unfailing love relationship with God that satisfies you to the bone?

Having a relationship with God will satisfy your soul. If we can learn to build a relationship with God that helps us, we can be content in any situation. We will be fulfilled that we will be in God’s house forever… How can we leave God’s love? No, we will not leave Him (God) because we know how it feels to be unwanted and unloved… But in God, it is satisfying and unfailing because God is passionate about you.

He is the one we need first; then, we can have a fulfilling love with our soulmates. Our love for God … we shall say, “I will be glad and rejoice in your unfailing love, for you have seen my troubles, and you care about the anguish of my soul.” (Psalm 31:7). Now, that is true holy love, it’s not biased nor judgmental, but pure and holy. His passion is never-ending. Pursue God’s real, true, and divine love.

God’s faithful, pure, and fulfilling love

I want to end this love message with these last words; ” … nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” ref. Romans 8:38. No matter what you go through, suffering rejection or feeling unloved, God’s love will never disappoint you. My only desire is that you find God. You will be able to rest in His arms and know that His unfailing love will never abandon you. It’s pure, holy, and righteous. And may you find that true love you seek, which is eternal …. Our Father, Yahweh, loves you. Give your heart to Him, and seek His face… you will never be alone or feel unloved again. He will be faithful to you, and we need to be loyal to Him by seeking His face in prayer; our dedication to real love will be tried. Let’s not disappoint ourselves by being slothful. Love relationships need to be proactive.

May my God, Yahweh, bless you always; love you in Christ Jesus.

Gracie Renteria Co-Pastor Kingdom Faith Church World Evangelism

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