Overcoming Loneliness

Overcoming Loneliness

Loneliness is a very dangerous state of mind, and of the heart.  How can loneliness become so ramped?  When social media, live socializing, online dating, church gatherings, work parties, sports community teams, home cell religious groups, and the list of different types of people gathering scenarios are in place?  We look towards our spouses, our children, our parents, relatives, and friends to fill that empty void in our heart. No matter much time we spend with family, and you look closely enough… there is an amount of loneliness there.  No matter how big the smile is, the laughter, and the love… loneliness can creep in and if we are not careful, it will grow into depression as well.

We, as humans have a need to be accepted and to be part of a group of caring people. Social isolating has become a growing concern.  According to a study published by Prospective of Psychological Science,” which conducted a meta-analysis looked at  70  studies covering over 3 million people showed an increase in social isolation, living alone, and loneliness can increase the risk of mortality depending on social status, economical financial status,  pre-existing health conditions, gender, and age by 26 to 32%.   Other negative behaviors such as obesity, smoking, drug addictions, and negative behaviors are more obvious than loneliness.  Loneliness can be difficult to detect because it’s not something we talk about nor display.

Loneliness is a silent mental condition of the person’s soul, where even the relationships of the family, siblings, relatives, and friends are there… it’s not enough and loneliness can still exist. Why do we develop loneliness, and why do we ignore it?   There is no exact answer or solution, but there are some things we can do to help us deal with loneliness.   We can come into the conclusion that the void in our hearts can only be filled by our spiritual relationship with our creator.

We, as humans have a need to connect to people around us, and even more with our creator.  God, as many of us know him is YHWH.  YHWH is the Hebrew name of God, the one who created the heavens and the world with all the living creators including us, humans.   Father, YHWH (Yahweh) created us and instilled his spirit in us – we were created in his image.  By placing His spirit in us… has created a desire for us to connect.  While many of us try to find this connection with family and friends… we are still lonely.  The reason this void continues regardless of all your human connections is for the fulfillment between you and YHWH, himself.  We can confuse this emptiness with the lack of family connections, which can be a misconception for our social lacking. Failure to understand this void brings people into a state of depression and loneliness.    To some people, this loneliness is growing and after many years it eventually leads to severe isolation, depression, and it leads to possible health issues and even death.

If you are experiencing loneliness or depression, there are several changes that need to be made. Creating habits can be difficult and they are a daily challenge, but it can be done.  Positive changes are harder to maintain because it takes effort and re-establishing positive behavior takes mental strength and will-power. Just as any change, we must stay on that path.  We must be determined to accomplish those positive changes for our own good.   Did you know that being negative is easier to do than being positive?  It’s easier to have a negative outburst about our feelings to others in frustration, desperation, anger, and due to rejection. So,  the changes we need to make are listed below.  These changes are important, and as with every other goal, we need to maintain a faithful challenge and to stay on top of it. It is our responsibility to accomplish a change for the betterment of our own souls because nobody else can help you.  You can seek counseling, spiritual guidance, and even talking to our best buddies can help, but on the long haul… it’s your responsibility to change.  Take the bull by the horn, allow the Holy Spirit to help you and following the points below can help tremendously.

1. Prayer – Develop a connection with your creator, YHWH.  His is the creator, he is the Father of our spirit.  Pray through the name of Jesus as He is our mediator between us and YHWHLuke 18:1   and   1 Cor 3:16   

2.  Renew your way of thinking spiritually and mentally – set your mind to think more positive, and be realistic with reaching your goal in renewing your thought process. Our expectations may be unrealistic, which may lead us to sabotage our behavior.  With our Lord Jesus Christ, all things are possible for them that love the Lord.  Romans 12:2  and  Eph 4:23

3.   Do not allow anything or anyone to judge or condemn you: you are a beloved child of God and don’t give in to any negative people or situations.  God cares for you.  When we feel left out – we lash out to those we love.      Isa 54:17                                                                                                                              

4.  Connect more with family and friends.  While we do encourage you to connect with Father, YHWH, we understand, that we also need companionship, social interactions, and company.   It’s not good to be alone.  We all need a friend, so, choose wisely.    To begin, stop with social media, and begin to connect in real life relationships in person.  Pro 18:24

5.  Forgiveness – Maybe all the pains and hurts of life have brought you to this point, whereas, you have cut-off relationships.  Find it in your heart to forgive, and if this relationship is good for you, then re-establish and reconnect. Mat 6:14

 6There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus – You are a child of God… you are now under Grace.  You are no longer subject to the law… therefore, stop condemning yourself and begin a fresh start in your life. Thanking our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Romans 8:1    

In the process of overcoming loneliness is to know, that we are loved.  There are people in our lives that respect and love us.  It is very important that we understand, that these people are working and have their own families.  We need to plan our social gatherings and will need to possibly change our own schedules to make our dates or social gatherings possible.  Remember, everyone at one point or another may feel lonely; this is a normal human emotion.  Our goal is to overcome loneliness and throw it in the trash… it’s gone!   Remember, Father God, YHWH has your best interest at hand. Do not forget to connect with Him in a regular schedule. Allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with His presence and allow your heart to be filled with the joy of the Lord.   Psalm 32:1 Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice, ye righteous and shout for joy, all ye that are upright in heart.

When you have those feeling arise and your home – worship the Lord with songs or prayer. Let God feel your heart with joy, peace, and love.

Let us pray, Father in heaven, maker of our spirits, we give you all the glory and praise. Let your will be done in our lives.  We declare the release from the spirit of Loneliness.  Your word states that you have given us the Keys of the Kingdom of heaven and whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever we loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven… Therefore, by the Blood of the Lamb, we bind that Spirit of Loneliness in our lives and it will be bound in the spirit. We throw those keys in the lake of forgetfulness and declare a release and we resist the enemy from future attacks.  Father, fill our hearts with your joy, help us renew our mind, and fill us with your Holy Spirit.  Set us free! In Jesus name. Amen


Pastor Gracie

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